To help with Times Tables learning there are 12 multiplication games split in two groups, Learning and Practice. All your child needs for these interactive multiplication games is basic mouse and keyboard skills.

All games, a giant printable poster, worksheets, grids and certificates are included in the 'Mr Monkey's Island - Learn Times Tables' programme which you can download right now.

The Island Zones

Learning Zone - At these early stages our game is designed so your child does not need to know the answers to all the sums. In this way, tables are learned as facts and not complex calculations.

Practice Zone - These practice games are more challenging and test the players using time trials and speed games with methods of finding the solution to sums whilst rewarding good play with printable certificates which encourage children to try again.

Learning Zone - Vanishing Answer

Recommended to be played first this starter game sees Mr Monkey as a Magician, waving his wand to produce the multiplication sum on a playing card. His trick reveals the question and briefly shows the answer. Waiting for the player to input the number they have just seen.

Another quick spin of the card and the answer vanishes, leaving the player to rely on their short term memory for the correct result. If they get it wrong, the answer will reveal itself once again. If they get it right the next question appears. This is a simple challenge but one that the children can quickly find they have done well in. Concentrate on 1,2,5,10 before moving up.

Learning Zone - The Chalk Board

The Chalk Board multiplication learning game takes the player through tables 1 - 12 With visual ticks and thumbs up of approval providing encouragement from Mr Monkey for correct answers. Again, like vanishing answer, the player can find the solution on screen.

If the child gets stuck in this game, a simple, well paced visual 'help' will cycle through all the possible answers if needed. Leaving the player to carry on playing the game once the correct answer has been found.
Learning Zone - Paint Splats

Mr Monkey's Paint Splats game sees our artist splatter paint on his walls which reveal all the possible answers for the multiplication fact - in the correct order! In combination with the first two learning games this one is more of a challenge, all of the numbers they are familiar with are presented on screen and with their knowledge of the previous games they can quickly narrow down the answer.

But, watch out, the numbers quickly jumble themselves up. The answers stay on screen until the correct number is chosen, that number then disappears from the set, making it easier for the child to play - as the sums are getting harder!

Learning Zone - Captain Splash

Help Captain Splash row his boat to one of Mr Monkeys outlying islands where he can collect pieces of a times table map. Each fact can be tested separately, you are presented with four possible answers, these numbers are all taken from the chosen fact.

Upon the successful completion of each level you are presented with the option to print out a map section of MrMonkeys Island complete with times tables. This large sized 800x600mm poster is in full colour and created with 12 A4 sized sheets that can be cut out and stuck together. There is also a small version which fits onto 1x A4, This is available in your game folder.
Bonus Game - Base 10

This game helps with a basic requirement of maths, adding to ten, or the nearest ten - only very quickly.

This is a speed challenge with three variables, slow, fast and faster - faster can be tough, even for adults.

Practice Zone

Our practice zone suite of games is different from the learning zone. The practice zone relies more on the knowledge that the children have collected during the learning games.

The practice games are more challenging and test the players using time trials and speed tests with methods of finding the solution to sums whilst awarding good play with printable certificates which encourage the children to try again.
Practice Zone - Banana Drop

In this game Mr Monkey is out in the jungle collecting his lunch. He's waiting with his shopping trolley for all the bananas to fall from the trees, but they only fall if the answer is correct.

Watch out, if you give the wrong answer, wiggly worm slides down and steals a banana, leaving Mr Monkey with a grumpy face and an empty belly. All twelve tables can be tested separately and a certificate achieved.

Practice Zone - Basketballs

Basketball playing Mr Monkey has to put the balls in the basket. So click on the correct answer from the choice of four. Get an answer wrong and he will miss! He's usually a pretty good shot so don't let him down.

This game has four levels to choose from, easiest (first learned tables), 1,2,5,10 - medium 3,4,6,11 - and what children find harder, 7,8,9,12. Then, an 'All Tables' section to have a go at the whole lot. Certificate and timed game.
Practice Zone - Gone Fishing

The talented Mr Monkey has gone fishing and given us a time challenge to catch his fish. Move the correct fish to the string in less than, 10 seconds, 7, 5 or 3. If you take too long, then the crab will cut your fishing line.

Sometimes when you go to pick up your fish, they'll move away; which can be tricky if you are playing the fastest game. All the fish jump back into the water once the sum is complete. There is a certificate to print and the overall time is displayed.

Practice Zone - Fayre Ground

A challenging fairground 'coconut shy' style game which tests the user in a quick fire speed round. Choose the fact to be tested, either 1 to 12 or test them all.

Throw at the correct answer when it appears among several wrong answers... it's a bit quick this one, so be ready for a real challenge and a lot of fun. Mr Monkey will show you how many throws you took and how long it took you to make each one.
Practice Zone - Bird Tables

All the islands birds are flying away with Mr Monkeys stash of coins, never one to sit back and relax he's taken it upon himself to get them all back. In this challenge you are required to only shoot at the numbers from your chosen fact - up to 12x. The mouse will control the sideways movement of the catupult and shoot with the left button to reclaim those coins.

There are a total of twelve levels from 6 different locations around the island at various times of night or day. In each level the flying birds gradually get faster and faster. If you fall behind, you do not get onto the next level.

Practice Zone - Banana Shooter

Sharp shooting Mr Monkey has to squeeze a banana right out of its skin to hit the correct numbers in this fast moving square number shoot out.

Only the square numbers up to 144 are tested in this Cowboy Monkey challenge. There are three levels to choose from: easier, medium and harder. In the harder level, you'll have less time and more numbers to choose from, so you'll need to squeeze out those bananas pretty quickly.
Practice Zone - Flight Tables

Help Pilot monkey navigate his way around his island in his 'Mr Monkey Island Airways' plane. Use the four arrow keys to pop the balloon that has the correct answer. All tables can be tested on this high flying challenge.

There are four levels to play and the balloons get faster as you progress making it a bit more tricky as you fly along.

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